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We Buy Any Car & Car Auctions

Compare RFS Fleet Services with We Buy Any Car and Car Auctions for disposal of your fleet vehicles

RFS Fleet Services We Buy Any Car Car Auctions
Free valuation service Yes Yes Some
Free pick-up Service Yes No No
Free transaction Yes No Some
Auction fees No No Yes
Plant a tree for every vehicle bought Yes No No

Average auction commission fees including VAT per vehicle

Hammer Down Price You Pay
£1,000.00 £60.00
£2,000.00 £120.00
£3,000.00 £180.00
£4,000.00 £240.00
£5,000.00 £300.00
Hammer Down Price You Pay
£6,000.00 £360.00
£7,000.00 £420.00
£8,000.00 £480.00
£9,000.00 £550.00

Based on 5% of hammer down price + VAT

There are no commission fees to pay with RFS Fleet Services

Transaction fees

RFS Fleet Services We Buy Any Car Car Auctions
£99.99 & Below No fee No fee Varies
£100.00 to £3,999.99 No fee £49.99 Varies
£4,000.00 to £4,999.99 No fee £59.99 Varies
£5,000 or more No fee £74.99 Varies

Fees sourced from webuyanycar.com on the

With We Buy Any Car it will take 4 working days to receive your payment after the day of sale. Would you trust a private buyer from of the street to take your vehicle and say I will pay you in 4 days’ time?

We Buy Any Car will make payment faster but there is a charge for this service. In addition to the above transaction fees, We Buy Any Car will charge you £24.75 for next working day payment and £29.75 for same day payment. So, let us get this right, We Buy Any Car want to charge you for selling your vehicle to them! This information can be found on webuyanycar.com under Frequently asked questions and in their Terms & Conditions.

RFS Fleet Services will not charge you any transaction fees and you or your company will receive payment for your vehicle or fleet on the same day as collection.

Why have RFS Fleet Services chosen to compare their service with We Buy Any Car?

The simple answer to this question is We Buy Any Car (webuyanycar.com) are one of the car buying companies well known by most people. RFS Fleet Services also find a lot of companies that come to us have tried to sell their vehicle to We Buy Any Car and been disappointed that the valuation that they receive online is not what they our willing to pay when turning up to one of their branches.

Why have RFS Fleet Services chosen to compare their service with Car Auctions / Vehicle Auctions?

The reason RFS Fleet Services has compared its service to car auctions or vehicle auctions is because they are one of the most popular ways for companies and organisations to dispose of their surplus to requirement vehicles or fleet. This is partly due to many companies, organisation, directors, managers and fleet managers thinking that car auctions or vehicle auctions are the best way to gain maximum return on their vehicles and fleet.

Are car auctions the best way to gain maximin return on a vehicle?

No! When you consider you will have to pay commission fees, transportation costs, and the removal of sign writing and on top of that there may be a transaction fee for receiving your money depending on which car auction you use. There is also the possibility that you may have to return with some of the vehicles as they did not sell on the day, yes there is no guarantee of sale. (More transportation expenses).

Would we be better of using RFS Fleet Services for fleet vehicle disposal?

Not to blow are own trumpet but we think so, the RFS Fleet Services way. There are simply no charges for anything. As long as the vehicle is as described we will pay you or your company the price we quoted.

The RFS Fleet Services way.

  • No auction fees.
  • No transaction fees.
  • Free same day instant payment of your vehicle.
  • Free vehicle valuation / quote.
  • Free vehicle collection. (No transportation expenses).
  • Free removal of sign writing.
  • Personal and professional service.
  • RFS Fleet Services pay more than We Buy Any Car.

RFS Fleet Services are pleased to say that we have a large database of happy and loyal companies that use our fleet disposal service, and the number of companies that require our services keep on growing day by day.

Whether you are a large or small company have one vehicle to sell or whole fleet, remember to try RFS first.