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RFS Fleet Services is the leading commercial vehicle buying service in the UK.

RFS Fleet Services is an established fleet disposal company and is trusted by hundreds of companies and fleet managers throughout the UK. Being an established fleet disposal company, you can guarantee you are in safe hands when it comes to selling your van or whole fleet of vans.

RFS Fleet Services will buy all types of vans including car derived vans, electric vans, hybrid vans and of any make or model.

When buying your vans RFS Fleet Services will always try and give you and your company the very best price and at the same time saving you and your company time and money

Why Chose RFS When Selling My Van?

At RFS when it comes down to buying your vans, we believe we give you and your company the best posable price for you vans and on top of that there is absolutely no charge for our service or hidden cost. RFS Fleet Services are a highly reputable and friendly family run fleet disposal company that was established in 2009. You can find out more about RFS Fleet Services on our About RFS page.

RFS Makes Selling Your Van Easy

At RFS we try to make the process of selling your van as simple as possible. Just fill out our online form with photos of your van and we will get back to you with a genuine offer to buy your van. If you accept our offer, we will arrange free pick-up of your van at a time and place convenient to you and your company. Funds for your van will be paid directly into your company bank account or an account of your choice before we leave with the van.

Selling Your Whole Fleet Of Vans

If you and your company have a whole fleet of vans to sell and do not want to fill out our form multiple times you can contact us by email, phone or WhatsApp to speak to one of our friendly fleet disposal specialists. See our Contact Us page for more details.

Why Sell My Vans To RFS And Not Send Them To A Car Auction?

The biggest positive of selling your van or fleet of vans to RFS Fleet Services and not to a car auction is there is no auction fees to pay on the amount of money you will receive. (Normally around 5% of the sale price).

There is no guarantee when sending you vans to auction that they will sell, or the reserve is met.

With RFS Fleet Services there are no transport costs of getting your vans to auction as we will pick them up free of charge. Don’t forget if they don’t sell at auction you may have to pay more transportation fees to get them back to you company.

RFS are also seeing a trend with many of the big car auctions where they are charging a buyer’s fee on top of the 5%, they take from you and your company, meaning the buyer must put that into account when bidding. (Less return for your company)

You and your company will also get instant and fee free payment of your vans before we take them.

With all this to be put into account we are seeing more fleet managers turning to RFS Fleet service to maximise their return on their vans.

How To Get The Best Price When Selling Your Van?

Whoever you sell your van to there are some things to consider when it comes down to getting the best return for your company van.

  1. Make sure you have all your paperwork this includes V5C registration, MOT certificate, Handbook and Service History. A full-service history will give you and your company a higher price to whoever you are selling to.

  2. If possible, make sure you have both keys vehicle keys are expensive, and this will be reflected in the price you will receive for you van.

  3. If you van has locking wheel nuts, make sure the locking wheel nut key is present.

  4. If there is no MOT, consider whether it is worth sending you van in for a MOT, a van with a MOT will achieve a higher return.

  5. Condition the less damage your van has will help maintain the price you and your company receive. Maybe consider paying for any small repairs.

  6. If your van is not running, consider whether it is worth fixing to reach a higher price.

  7. Clean your van inside and out, a clean and well-presented van will reach a much higher price than a van that is dirty or looks neglected.

The Benefits Of Using RFS To Sell My Van

  •  No admin fees
  •  No auction fees
  •  No hidden costs
  •  No obligation to sell
  •  Free service
  •  Free pick-up service nationwide
  •  Removal of sign writing
  •  Instance fee free payment

To add to all the benefits above when you sell your van to RFS Fleet Services we will plant a tree for each van that we buy.