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Fleet Disposal & Total Fleet Remarketing Services

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Fleet Disposal and Total Fleet Remarketing services are provided free of charge (no cost to you) by RFS Fleet Services.

These Terms of service constitute a legally binding agreement made between RFS Fleet Services (‘we,’ ‘us’ or ‘our’) and you, whether this is personally or on behalf of an entity (‘you’ or ‘your’) concerning your use of the services provided by RFS Fleet Services.

Please read these Terms of Service carefully as they are put in place to protect you and us and will affect your legal rights.

You agree by using this service provided by RFS Fleet Services, you have read, understood, and agree to comply with the Terms of Service laid out below.

Our Legal Rights

  1. We are not obligated to make an offer or purchase any vehicle that has been offered to us.

  2. We may change our offer for any reason including those listed below:

    1. On inspection the damage that was disclosed to us is worse than we expected.

    2. On inspection there is damage that was not disclosed to us.

    3. On inspection there is damage to the windscreen that was not disclosed to us.

    4. The mileage stated is wrong.

    5. There are warning lights on that were not disclosed to us.

    6. If not already disclosed there are missing services.

    7. If not already disclosed there is missing paperwork.

    8. If not already disclosed there is a missing key. (All offers are based on the vehicle having two working keys).

Your Legal Rights

  1. You are not obligated to accept our offer or to sell your vehicle to us.

  2. You are not obligated to accept any readjusted offer or to sell for any of the reason listed in section 2.

  3. You can cancel a day before pick-up is scheduled. (Please note if you cancel on the day of the scheduled pick-up you may be charged for travel).

  4. You will not be charged for travel if you decline any readjusted offer listed in section 2.

Free Vehicle Collection

  1. We aim to collect vehicles within three days of the offer being accepted but this is not a guarantee.

  2. We reserve the right to change the scheduled time and date of collections as there maybe factors out of our control.

  3. We will keep you informed if the scheduled time for collections has changed due to problems out of our control.

Hire Purchase Investigation (HPI)

  1. Before RFS Fleet Services purchase any vehicles, they will be subject to a Hire Purchase Investigation also known as a HPI check.

  2. The information that we can collect from an HPI Check:

    1. The number of previous owners.

    2. Whether the vehicle has outstanding finance.

    3. Whether the vehicle is an insurance write-off.

    4. Whether the vehicle has been recorded as stolen.

    5. Whether the vehicle has been recorded as scrapped.

    6. Whether the vehicle is displaying the correct mileage.

    7. A Logbook check. (Does it belong to the vehicle)

    8. MOT history check.

    9. VIN check. (Vehicle Identification Number)

    10. The amount of number plate changes a vehicle has had and whether there is any hidden history on the previous registrations.

  3. Any information that we uncover from the Hire Purchase Investigation that was not disclosed to us at the time of offering us the vehicle may impact on the value of your vehicle and the offer you receive from us.

  4. Any vehicles recorded as stolen will be immediately reported to the appropriate authority with the details you have provided us and without your consent.

Vehicle Fines and Penalties

  1. Vehicle fines are but not limited to:

    1. Speeding

    2. Parking Tickets

    3. No insurance

    4. No vehicle excise duty (Tax)

    5. Driving in restricted areas e.g. Bus lanes

  2. Due to the time it takes for DVLA to update their database on occasion fines can be sent to the wrong party so:

    1. Any vehicle fines that were occurred before our scheduled collection date and time will not be accepted by us. We will inform you and DVLA with the appropriate data.

    2. If you receive any vehicle fines that occurred after we collected your vehicle, please inform us immediately and do not panic you will not have to pay them. (We may ask you for a copy of the fine).

Promotions and Referral Schemes

  1. Promotions and referral schemes will be laid out in their own Terms and Conditions.

  2. RFS Fleet Services reserve the right to withdraw any promotion or referral scheme at any time.

Privacy Policy

  1. The Privacy Policy for RFS Fleet Services can be found at www.tryrfsfirst.co.uk/privacypolicy.

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These Terms of Service for Fleet Disposal and Total Fleet Remarketing Services are also available on request as a pdf.